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Statement Clock

Statement Clock

Statement Clock

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The analogue wall clock contrasts starkly with the digital lifestyles. Our statement clocks exist as a beautiful reminder that time is valuable and we should make an effort to look up and take in what's around us. They come in a range of 7 lino finishes and stand to make a statement.

Option 1: Barefaced Clock
The beautifully simple, Barefaced Clock lives as a true statement piece for the purist minimalist, whilst injecting a focal point into a space.

Option 2: Horizon Clock
The four additional lines make for an intelligent timepiece. The four lines fall on the hour, excluding 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock which fall traditionally centred, resulting in a user engagement that develops new and healthier habits.


At first glance, these two products seem similar but the addition of just four parallel lines highlights a hugely important part of our design philosophy. The detail, intelligence and substance of a product is not entirely visible and the smallest changes play the greatest roles.

Being process-centric, at the epicentre of all Kobble furniture is materiality and we often use the exploration of these materials to kick off our design process. The clocks came about as a result of our love for Linoleum and our belief it has a beautiful and practical place in our homes.