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Bedside Table

Bedside Table

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Our bedtime routines are all different and unique, one constant however is our interaction with a bedside table. Whether it's putting your glasses down after a long day, picking up a good book before bed or supporting a glass of water for the night, these items of furniture are very personal and should be fit for our needs.
The Kobble Bed Side Table can be made at any height, width and depth to fit all you'd require, such as;
-Squeezing between the wall and your bed.
-Being at an optimum height to easily find your glasses in the morning.
-Being space efficient and giving you just the space you need for a clutter-free home.
There are hundreds of different scenarios that are unique to you, that is why you shouldn't compromise for anything else.

As a rough guide, most widely available bedside tables are 35-45cm wide, 35-45cm deep and 55-60cm high.

Elegant and minimal bespoke bedside table with a simple drawer. Define your width, depth and height and choose a finish for the top (be adventurous!).

Delivery is free across Mainland UK and usually takes 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Available dimensions

27-50cm 27-50cm 35-70cm

If the available dimensions don't work for you, then contact us directly and we'll see what we can do.


Check out our swatch. It includes a simple oak veneer finish, or a choice of seven Lino colours as follows:

Oak Wood Veneer
Goldfish Orange Linoleum
Slate Grey
Concrete Grey
Mushroom Grey
Olive Green
Mint Green
Powder Pink


Linoleum is made from pressed linseed and colourful pigments. It is hardwaring and warm to touch, and can be easily maintained.

Made from sustainable oak veneered birch plywood, the Kobble Bedside table is flatpack and self-assembly.

See our FAQs for shipping options and costs.