About us


Good design shouldn't cost the world. Beautiful, crafted aesthetic makes our world go round, but at Kobble, good design means a whole lot more than just pretty. Looking great is a given, but it also means that it fits perfectly in its surroundings and, crucially, that it isn't having a detrimental social or environmental impact on the world. 


Every home is different, the context of a piece of furniture is just as important as the piece itself. That's why when you when you buy a piece from us, you define the dimensions, and its why you chose the finish. Bespoke, tailored, customised, call it what you want but it is all about fitting you, no compromises. After you order online, we strive to deliver within 2 weeks (we usually beat this), quicker than most other online shops.

Sustainably made: 

The furniture industry isn't always pretty. The factories that fill our homes are hard to rate in terms of social and environmental effect. It isn't ok to exploit people, and it isn't ok to exploit the environment. That's why sustainability is so deeply ingrained in Kobble's ethos. Our furniture is made locally, in London, which ensures that manufacture is exploitation free. What's more, our plywood is FSC at source, harvested from the sustainable birch forests of the Baltics. Flat pack means that we never waste space, and are keeping those lorries out on the streets to a minimum.